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Tips for Skippers and Crew before sailing    read this Article

What should I take
Short answer, as little as possible. There is not a lot of room on a boat to put your gear, and what there is is oddly shaped. So take as few clothes as you can get away with, which will depend on the climate where you're going, and pack them in a

Sail Trim    read this Article

To sail well, we must allow for the shifts in the true and apparent wind while maintaining the optimum drive angle of the wind to the sails through judicious helmsmanship and proper sail trim. By imagining the air flowing past the sails as smoke, one can get a much better idea of proper sail trim........

Rules Of The Road    read this Article

Bad companions For the typical sailor, the bad companions on the water are not shipmates, but other skippers who get in the way. Many of these intruders seem to be at the helm of the noisy, often too speedy vessels that sailors smugly call "stinkpots." Some of the most annoying and frightening of these are whiny, little personal watercraft (like the Jet Ski) and roaring pseudo raceboats (like the Cigarette).............


 This is intended to be a guide to get you started and also as a reference as you go through some Wednesday night lessons or when getting private instruction.  The material covered in this handout will continue to build on the basics learned in Lidos with attention called to some of the big differences between the two. A keelboat is slower to respond, has a greater turning radius and, with a large mass, momentum will be a big factor in how the boat behaves.  The fundamentals are not going to be covered here, as they are thoroughly discussed in the blue book and other basic sailing books. The most important skills to be learned are: the ability to recognize what the boat will be doing before it happens and planning maneuvers before executing them.  Having a thorough understanding of basic sail mechanics will also be a good starting point for learning to sail keelboats..........

Knots in cartoons  Ναυτικοί Κόμποι σε κινούμενα σχέδια.     read this Article

Bowline  Καντιλίτσα.  Clove Hitch  Ψαλιδιά   Figure Of Eight Knot -Οκτάρι......

Knots on paper       read this Article

For a simple running loop, the Bowline is the sailor's best friend. Begin with a small overhand loop, make a larger loop and bring the free end through the first loop. Now form a bight by bringing the free end under and over the standing part, then back through the loop. This won't slip or snarl under strain, yet will untie easily with one tug on the bight.............

Flag and letter Signals  Σήματα με Γράμματα και σημαίες read this Article

A - Alpha    I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.

B - Bravo I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.........

Crew Overboard Rescues   read this Article

1. Quickly turn back to keep the COB in sight and nearby. The chances of a recovery plummet if the person in the water can’t be seen. That will happen within less than 100 yards because a head in the water is about the size, shape, and color of a half-submerged coconut. At a speed of only three knots, a boat will cover those 100 yards in just a minute.

Choosing your charter yacht   read this Article

Anticipating your sailing vacation is great fun, yet choosing the right charter yacht might almost be as difficult as finding a reliable charter company or selecting that ideal sailing area in Greece.
To select that perfect boat you will need to look at the following criteria:

20 Tips For Docking    read this Article

Our silent signs! David on the foredeck facing towards anchor and away from me

TEN TOP TIPS on anchoring . Suggested length of chain for three depths


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